Micro-Business Advocate

Businesses with fewer than ten employees do brilliant and interesting things.

As the foundation of stable, vibrant communities, ‘small’ is where almost every business starts. However, due to the size of micro-businesses, and because they often lack collective organisation (compared to SMEs and corporations), their unique characteristics are rarely catered for. We champion the benefits of micro-businesses to clients while supporting the needs of both parties.

Working better with micro-businesses

If you are a larger business, you probably work with a number of micro-businesses, whether they are your customers or you use their products and services. You may already be tracking their patterns and feedback, or you might be looking to understand a particular concern. Tiny businesses think and act in many different ways - it’s this diversity that drives their innovation.

Understanding micro-businesses

We Sort provides informed and passionate advocacy for micro-businesses and freelancers to progressive companies who want to optimise their experience of working with small outfits. By engaging with yourselves or directly with the micro-businesses you work with, we will best leverage their agile, innovative and diverse qualities. Consultancy is available on specific projects and macro-strategies.